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Come sit by the fire, curl up under a blanket, sip on a cup of hot chocolate, and read from the pages of our sisters, who have gone before us, as they leave behind a bit of their wisdom...

The Six Commandments of Healthy SM:

The Six Commandments of Healthy SM:

1. Tell the Truth, first to yourself and then to the people with whom you play, at least as far as you know it at the time;

2. Keep your agreements with the people with whom you play, to the best of your ability; and if you cannot keep them for any reason don’t change your agreements unilaterally: negotiate with the other parties to those agreements, let them know alterations are in the works, and let them participate in the changes;

3. Play safely: SM is a sophisticated form of sexuality, and sometimes it does entail physical and psychological risks; learn enough to know what you and your play partners are doing, to know the difference between what is safe and what is not, and to know what to do if something gets out of hand;

4. Play consensually: don’t involve people with your sexuality who have not agreed to become involved; play only with people who have agreed to play with you;

5. Play sanely physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, SM can be very intense; like any intense activity it has the short-term potential to draw people farther into it than they might on other occasions regard as wise; know your limits, learn the limits your partners want to adhere to, and play within the limits you and your partners have agreed upon;

6. Play non-exploitively: not everyone is ready, willing, or able to be involved in SM, but not everyone who is unready, unwilling, or unable knows it; honor people where they are: don’t take advantage of someone else’s ignorance or vulnerability to satisfy your own ego or desires.

These Commandments, like the underpinnings of all satisfying, safe play, include a bow to the Delphic Oracle: Know Thyself. (from the introduction to Consensual Sadomasochism by William A. Henkin Ph.D. and Sybil Holiday, CCHT)

Allow me the strength to answer questions I can't fathom.
Allow me the spirit to know His needs.
Allow me the serenity to serve Him in peace.
Allow me the love to show Him myself.
Allow me the tenderness to comfort Him.
Allow me the light to show us the way.
Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Him.
Let me be able to show Him each day my love of my service to Him.
Let me open myself up to completely belong to Him.
Let me accept my punishment with the grace of a woman.
Let me learn to please Him, beyond myself.
Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely.
Give me the strength to please us both.
Permit me to love myself, in loving Him.
For it is my greatest wish, my highest power to make His life
complete, as He makes mine.

I will communicate with complete honesty my needs, desires, limits, and experience. I realize that failing to do so will not only prevent my Master and I from having the best experience possible,

but can also lead to physical and emotional harm. I will not try to manipulate my

Master. I will not push to make a scene go the way I feel it should. I will

keep an open mind about trying things that I am not accustomed to or

comfortable with and expanding my limits. I will continue to grow as a

submissive and as a human being. I will accept the responsibility of

discovering what pleases my Master, and will do my best to fulfill His

wishes and desires. I will not allow myself to be harmed or abused, I

know that submissive does not equal doormat.

I will be courteous and helpful to my fellow submissive s, I will share my

knowledge and experiences with others in the hope that they will learn

from where I have been I will take the time to help those new to the

scene start out on the correct path.

I will be responsive to my Master, I will not try to hide what my mind and body are feeling so that I may assist Him in His responsibilities as my Authority, I know that Dominants are not telepathists, and will not

expect my Master to know thought or feelings which I do not share.

I will never think myself a submissive because I choose to submit on a

different level than another. I will not be boastful of experiences I have

had as a sub. I know that my actions reflect upon my Master, and will

do my best to help others see him in a positive way, I will not

intentionally embarrass or displease my Master.

Above all, I will wear my title of submissive with honor, I will never

cause others to think that being submissive means to be weak or

sub~human. I will take pride in who and what I am, and will never show

myself in a negative way.

I am a submissive woman. I find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being submissive/slave to another in a loving relationship. I am not weak, or stupid. I am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what I want out of my life. I do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength.

I look to my loving Master for guidance and protection, for never am I more complete than when he is with me. I know that he will protect my body, my mind, and my soul with his strength and wisdom. He is everything to me, as I am everything to him. His touch awakens me and his thoughts free me. Only in serving him do I find complete freedom and joy.

His punishments are harsh, but I accept them thankfully, knowing that he has my bests interests always foremost in his mind. If he desires my body for pleasure, I shall joyfully give it to him, and take pleasure myself from knowing that I have brought him happiness. However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one facet of any relationship. The love, the trust and sharing, the words spoken and felt, those are all parts of this relationship.

My body is his, and if he says I am beautiful, then I am. No matter what I look like to others, I am beautiful in his eyes, and because of that I hold my head high...for who can tell me that my Master is wrong in seeing the beauty in me? If he says I am his princess, then I am that...regal and graceful, and if I see laughter at me in the eyes of others, I do not recognize it, for who are they to call my Master wrong? If he says I am his toy, his slut, his tramp, then I am wanton and dirty as he wants me to be, and if others do not see this, then it is they who are blind, not my Master.

My mind is his, to expand, to explore, to know as only he can. I have no secrets from him...for secrets are a thing that would keep me from being more perfectly his. Secrets would put a wall up between my Master and myself...and I do not want walls. His lessons are not always ones I would seek on my own, but they are lessons he has decided I need, and so I learn from him.

My soul is his, as bare to his touch as ever my skin could be when I kneel naked at his feet. Never a moment goes by when I do not feel his presence, be he miles away or standing over me. If I were to ever displease him, his displeasure would be a blow to my soul, worse punishment than any lashes could be. The anguish of my soul that I feel when I disappoint him is harder to bear than the physical anguish I feel when his belt caresses me with fire.

I spend my days knowing that the energy and thought he puts into our relationship is as much for my benefit as for his, and look forward to each lovingly crafted scene that we do together. His part is much harder than mine, and I know this and am grateful that he cares enough about me to spend his time and energy so freely on me. I have the easier job: to feel, to experience, to let myself go and abandon everything to him. I am his pleasure and his responsibility, and he takes both seriously.

I am a submissive woman. I am proud to call myself that. My submission is a gift that I do not give lightly, and can only be given to one who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold. Only to he who has that strength will I give myself fully, because I am strong and proud. I am a submissive woman.



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