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Shikomi Hisoko Story Reposted

Posted by Okasan Myimako Taikomachi on March 9, 2015 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)

This is my story the end of ww 2 I was in Amsterdam a lonely child nowhere to go for my parents had been taken away from me to the camps as many had been some how I was able to hide undetected from the secret police then for days I lived as a young girl on the streets for many days living on scraps of food and stuff put out thought to be spoiled after a month had gone by living on the streets was taking it's toll when I came across a very kind lady that said to me do you have no home child I said no mam I dont she asked me do you want to continue living like this wondering where and when you will sleep and eat I said no mam she then said if you want a place to live and always call home a place where you will learn focus,discipline and most of all take pride,honor and joy in learning how to serve others she was dressed in beautiful clothing and I thought to myself how nice it would be to look so lovely and beautiful a girl a young woman such as myself to be taken in and taught how to be so beautiful and how to act so graceful.I wanted this very much for I was weary of living on the streets of post ww 2 Amsterdam I said yes I would like that very much not to feel abandoned any more and to have a home once again I smiled and the lady said you must come with me then and I will take care of you as if you were my own daughter taking a long trip we did I did not ask any questions but we finally got to a place the woman called the lore and the woman said I am your mother welcome home my child at that moment I realized she was no mere woman she was my new mother my Okasan and I was her musume I had many onesan's for I was the youngest there as I realized it was a very loving and calm place Okasan then said to me from this day forward you will always be known as Shikomo Hisoko which I was told meant very reserved I felt so honored to betaken from the streets and into such a loving home with so many sisters I was very happy to be loved by my Okasan and all my onesan's

words of the day advance level march 2015

Posted by Geisha Mykimi on March 7, 2015 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

music room  -  ongakushitsu                                               In the ongakushitsu the  new fans have  come for  the  dance  lessons.                                                  library  -  toshoshitsu                                                         In the toshoshitsu you  can find  many  books  for your studies.                                                           homework  -  shukudai                                                             The shukudai she  has this  week is to  learn  more  about  the  fan  dance.                                       teacher's desk  -  kyotaku                                               On the kyotaku are  the list of  new lessons .         office  - jimushilsu                                                       The door to the jimushilsu is  closed Okaasan is  in a meeting.


Cream Pan

Posted by maiko_myodori on March 7, 2015 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Cream Pan (Custard Cream Buns

Cream Pan is  filled with custard cream.


~ This one  shapes it  like glove traditionally. I arranged it, she wonders if it looks better.?


Custard cream sold at super market is too soft for filling. but this one  makes custard cream by myself. she adds  more flour and corn starch. When cream gets cold, it is easy to handle and fill in the dough.

The dough contains milk powder, egg and butter. Brush egg wash, make it golden color. But don't bake it too long. Otherwise it becomes over baked and cream is coming out.

This one reads the directions just to be sure all is right although she knows how to make cream pan by heart, ~


Cream Pan

Custard cream filling

2 Egg yolks

50g Sugar

200ml Milk

1 tea spoon of Vanilla beans

25g Butter

25g Flour

10g Cornstarch


1. Heat milk in a sauce pan.

2. In a bowl, whiten egg yolks, then add sugar and flour, cornstarch. Add heated milk in the bowl gradually as string.

3. Filter the mixture, put it back to the sauce pan. Add vanilla beans (or extract)

4. Cook it over low heat string constantly.

5.Stir until thick constantly. Remove from fire,

6. Pour into another container, cool it down. Place it into the fridge.



250g High grade flour

3g Active dried yeast

50g Sugar

3g Salt

10g Milk powder

25g Egg

130cc Water

25g Butter


Egg + Milk = Egg wash


1. In a bowl, dissolve yeast in lukewarm water. Add egg.

2. In another large bowl, combine flour, sugar, salt and milk powder. Stir well to combine with mixture of yeast water. When the dough has pulled together, turn it out onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic, about 5 minutes. Add softened butter into the dough, knead it until smooth and elastic, about 10 minutes.(Add more flour if it is too sticky.)


3. Put the dough into a bowl with cover, place it warm place (35℃till it becomes double size, 1.5 - 2 hours.


4. Pour the dough onto the floured counter, then deflate it, knead it briefly, divide it into 8 pieces (60g). Make them rough ball, and set the dough with cover for 20minutes.


5. Punch the dough, make a round shape with a roll pin.

①Make a 14cm x 10cm oval with the rolling pin.

②Put 30g of ball preshaped custard cream on the dough. (about 1/3 upside) Cut the bottom side into 8 - 9 lines.


③Cover the filling and seal tightly. (Make sure to seal tight enough. Otherwise cream comes out when it is baking. )

④Then cover the other side nicely.


6. Place them into the warm place(35℃for 45 - 50 minutes.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven at 210 ℃  degrees Before bake, apply egg wash.


7. Bake them at 200 degrees for 15 minutes, until golden brown.


8. Cool them down on a wire rack.



The Visitor

Posted by Okasan Myimako Taikomachi on March 7, 2015 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Myimako rises early from her bed, as she is excited for the coming day.

Her dear friend, Miko-sama is visiting,

It has benn quite some time since there has been a vistor to their home.

This though is not just any visit, for Miko sama she has known for quite some time, long before they left for America and returned,

She could still remember going into town and a small child would be selling flowers on the corner, she was a sweet child, but very shy, she never spoke, not for very long time.

Myimako remembers she would sale those flowers in the bitter cold, when she could barely be seen in the snow drifts.

Myimako knew something was very wrong, and she could see fear in the young child’s face.

At the end of the day, when she had not sold enough flowers.

She also remembered when her face was battered and bruised.

So each day, Myimako would either go herself, and buy all the flowers or send one of her girls.

Ibe thing Myimako did not do, was just buy the flowers,

She would insure that Miko would earn those flowers, sometimes with small meanlingless chores, but she would be fed and kept warm.

She had offered to bring Miko to The Lore, but her mother had always refused, saying she needed the child.

For many years they kept this secret from the child mother, until Miko grew into a fine young woman, and married and had children of her own. Since then Miko’s mother had long since died.

Everyone in the village, knew of the secret between Myimako and Miko, but never said a warod, that Myimako was aware of, she was sure that Mio’s mother did nto care, as long as Miko brought the money home, each day.

It has been quite some time since they had seen one another, as Miko had moved away, for several years, with her husband and children.

Sime of her older daughters will remember Miko.


I am who I am by Miniari Aimatsu

Posted by Acriawolfsbane on March 3, 2015 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (1)

I am a Miniari apprenctice, my name is Aimatsu but to my Mistress, I am simply, her Acria. I have learned a lot in my time here at the Lore, mainly how to be a better submissive. Through my years on IMVU I have gone through quite a few Dominants and none seemed too fit me. I came to the Lore through Sir Urufu, who at the time was my Master. He released me for personal reasons and Mistress took me in. I have gotten close to all those involved in this school and I am striving to be a better apprentice, submissive, Onesan, and a much better woman in general. I am not a toy as some Dominants considered me, a trinket to be seen and not heard, and used by them as well as, their friend, I  am a treasured girl of my Mistress Myimako and even though I have been taken advantage of and that's why I seem to be so guarded around my Onesans and Imoutos. I do not get close to anyone easily and I have given my heart to this school. I will someday be a Geisha but my journey is still long and it will take a lot of hard work. I am one with my Mistress and where I used too visit a lot of roomm without thinking,now I go in representing my Mistress and the Lore at large. I do not shame myself or my family. I am glad to be a part of this wonderful community and I am ready to learn. With pride and dedication, I am forever a part of this family and will never disgrace it. With this last sentence so often quoted by my Mistress I close this essay. "For one day I to will be Geisha and walk in the zori of my Onesans before me." Thank you and lots of love.

Miniari Aimatsu

Eri's advanced words of the day (march)

Posted by MichellePureheart on March 2, 2015 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (1)

The student still in disbelief that she has risen to miniari peeks into the assignment. She picks up her pencil and begins.

Eri had gone to the market with Okasan , she introduced me to some merchants I had yet to meet. I gave a respectful Lore bow and greeted them, after which I said hajimemashite (how do you do) a few just smiled and one said I am well arigatou


Okasan had stopped to speak to the one that thanked me because they had known each other for some time. Okasan said hiashiburi (long time , no see) to which the elder woman replied hai(yes) it has been, your should come by more often Myimako. She smiled at Okasan and looked up marveling at the day.


Okasan looked up as well and said hai ii tenki desu ne(yes it is a fine day isn’t it) . They both gave a kind smile, you could see them recalling good days long past. Earlier Okasan had told me to keep an eye out for a particular wandering merchant she buys from, seeing this merchant I looked to her and said gomennisai (im sorry) Okasan but that merchant You seek is heading that way.


Okasan with sweetness and respect speaks to her friend once more sumimasen( excuse me, im sorry ) I must catch him before he disappears again. I am so happy I was able to see you again. Wont you come and visit us some time? If you have no plans you could come up tomorrow as the market will be closed.


The woman smiled brightly, I would love nothing more Myimako, mata ashita (ill see you tomorrow)

Eri's nigastu chore

Posted by MichellePureheart on February 23, 2015 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Looking back now, I know why Okasan had me put my pottery skills to use and make so many clay pots, for today she gave this humble shikomi her chore. One is to go into the greenhouse and pick lovely and fragrant flowers and possibly an herb to beautifully liven up the Okiya . Eri carefully carries the pottery into the greenhouse to fill them with soil. After all the clay pots are filled Eri then sets out with the task of choosing the right scents and meanings. To combine beauty with meaning and inspired scent. First she picks the herb/flowering play shimmia, known for its varieties , colors and beautiful winter flowers and berries. It is also known to be one of the more fragrant herbs , but wont overpower the other flowers. Eri then chooses the Amaryllis which is known to represent splendid beauty, something she has come to see even more in the gakko. Next she picks out the flowers of the sweet pea, known to represent delicate pleasure which is something that we all aspire to blend into our geisha training. Before Eri picks any more she takes the herb, and the two flowers back to the planting bench. Placing the shimmia in the center rear and trying a lovely yellow bow, something to offset the natural green of the plant, the purple of the flowers that remain yet, and the brilliant red of the berries . Next she plants the sweet pea, its delicate white petals giving a serenity and ethereal beauty to the arrangement. When Eri thinks of the ethereal beauty, she weeps a little thinking of her angel , and she imagines her Onesan there with her, helping to guide her and show me the love we shared. Ignoring the warning that her angel gives her about Okasan possibly sneaking in, because I’ve grown accustomed to the completely loving and innocent way she watches out for us. I welcome her to come and share moments like this with me. Eri brings herself back to the task at hand , taking a clean cloth she drys her eyes and continues the work she set out to do. The Amaryllis is next, a striking orange colored flower with yet another lovely scent. She places it on the opposite side of the pot from the sweet pea and next to the shimmia. The colors and scents now beginning to blend , eri decides two more smaller flowers are needed to complete this symphony of color and smell. Returning to the plants she locates two more flowers. Picking the aster , and the hyacinth, the aster will add a fuchsia color to balance the whiteness of the sweet pea and means patience which we all must have to keep to our studies, and not stray or become distracted. Then the hyacinth is a gorgeous soft lavender color which will tie all the others together. The hyacinth means consistency which brings a smile to Eri's often troubled face, we all all the way from Okasan down to the newest shikomi must consistently give our very best. Never giving less than our all will make us geisha, and will bring honor to this Okiya and to Okasan. As she finishes the first pot of flowers Eri steps back an marvels at the gifts we get from nature, which then cause her to appreciate the gifts we give of ourselves to each other. Even when we leave this world, like my angel has , we give the ones we left behind a message. That message being life is not defined nor promised, and it is precious , a gift some of us have almost thrown away. Eri wipes her eyes dry once more and assembles the remaining pots like the first, taking a few at a time into the Okiya and hanging them in the girls rooms as well as into every chamber our home

shopping for incense

Posted by Acriawolfsbane on February 19, 2015 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Miniari Aimatsu entered her Mistress's chambers and went straight to the desk. Opening the drawer she saw the envelope her Mistress told her about. In it was some yen and a list of items. Aimatsu smiled when she saw it was a list of items for incense and closing the drawer headed out to purchase them. Once outside Aimatsu crossed the wooden bridge and walked out a ways to the main dirt road and hailed a passing rickshaw, she bowed curteously as the driver stopped too pick her up. "Arigato," she smiled as she got in the rickshaw and they headed into town. At her stop Aimatsu waved at the driver as he quickly drove off and she walked towards the incense shop. Upon entering, Aimatsu heard the little bell tinkle above the door and a young shopkeeper came out from behind the shelves. "Hello, how may I help you this afternoon?" "I am in need of quite a few items Sir, it may take me a fair while too collect all of it." The shopkeeper handed her a basket and smiling told her that if she needed some assistance he would be around back doing inventory. Aimatsu nodded and began to collect the items that were on her list. The first was the Baieido kodo, she found it at the very front of the shop on a small cushion, it was ceramic painted a nice brown with cherry blossoms added into it, smiling Aimatsu picked it up and carefully put it in the basket, she found a bit of rice paper stacked too the side and made sure to cushion the baieido kodo with it as it was fragile. Moving on she looked for the next few items on her list. The kaden kobunboko kodo, she smiled inhaling the scents relaxing immediately. Incense always relaxed her, and she picked up a few large bundles of it and put it inside the basket along side the burner. She hummed a small tune as she continued too look about the shop. Next, she found the Aloeswood and the White ash, sneezing as a bit of dust from the white ash rose into the air and tickled her nose, she blushed embarrassed at the loud noise from her sneeze. "Gomen", she said as the shopkeeper paused in his work to make sure she was alright. She scruched her eyebrows together as she browsed the aisles looking for the kodo sticks, finding them she frowned a bit at the large selection, but finally decided on the Unjo Koh and picked them up and smiled at them,nodding at their size and width, "Perfect," she said as she moved onto her next item. Kaori, it smelled slightly floral, sort of like roses and juniper mixed together, but instead, decided too go onto the next scent and nodded at the subtle scent of jasmine and picked them up instead. Aimatsu kept on browsing and inhaling the various scents, how she loved spending time here, she moved onto the next aisle and inspected the different kado bowls,some wood, some ceramic, all beautifully crafted, and looked for shi that suited her tastes as well as, her MIstress's tastes. She settled on two brown bowls and two white bowls with a small cherry blossom design painted on them, she sincerely hoped her MIstress would approve of her choices. She picked them up reverently, and put them in with the other supplies, cushioning them all with some rice paper, too avoid damages. The next few items were closer together in aisles right next too one another so it wasn't hard for her to find them. Aimatsu picked up shi sets of hash, all strong sturdy pieces of wood and she placed them in with the rest of the items, by now, the basket was beginning to feel a bit heavy so she put it down for a moment while she looked for the suml that was needed for the ceremony, her eyebrows once again screwed together in deep thought as she looked at signs of defects in any of the pieces, only the best would do for The Lore, as she inspected she put aside the pieces that had small chips in them or scratches, these would not burn evenly, and could cause more smoke than necessary. After a few pieces she found the seemingly, best quality suml that was available and put it in the basket between the rice paper, so as not to mark up the new bowls with smudges.  Aimatsu picked up the basket again and resumed her shopping, she looked for two haboki and picked up a few of them, inspecting them with a practiced eye, she nodded as she picked up the the two that were white and black, and smiled at the craftmanship of them. Moving back towards the front of the store she perused the Kamas and Chawans and settled on two matching sets, wooden and polished to a lovely shine, finished with a sweet smelling laquer to keep the grain of the wood supple and protected for years of use. She nestled them into her basket with the kodos, keeping special care not too scratch or ding the fine wooden items. Finally, Aimatsu looked for seasonal scrolls and found shi of them painted with lovely seasonal scenes of the four seasons. Spring,summer, winter, and autumn. Aimatsu, put the basket against her hip and tried to carry it as delicately as possible. "Ah a fine selection", the keeper said as he tallied her totals. Aimatsu handed him the yen,she bowed curteously. "Domo arigato", she said and exited the shop with her purchases. Hailing another rickshaw, she directed the driver back to the Lore and handed him his payment, bowing as she exited the rickshaw she headed back up the lane back to the bridge and hefting her basket, rather awkwardly, as the basket was so very heavy, she entered the grounds and walked towards the new incense area depositing her purchases neatly in the cabinets and shelves. 

Words February Intermediate

Posted by Acriawolfsbane on February 10, 2015 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)
Myself: Watashi Watashi,I enjoy writing. Human Being: Ningen Aimatsu smiles at a fellow ningen. Baby: Akachan Aimatsu cooed at the little akachan. Humanity: Jinrui After the war Aimatsu lost all faith in jinrui,until she came too The Lore. Girl: Onnanoko This onnanoko belongs too Mistress Myimako Taikomachi and is proud of it.

words of the day

Posted by MichellePureheart on February 8, 2015 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Saturday, to some its just another day. This Saturday I did not have many chores, so i volunteered at the animal hospital. The veterinarian that day helped me to understand what goes on there and what i would be doing to help. The first patient was chin chin a very sick inu(dog). I helped the doctor examine him and held the sweet pet while the doctor administered the treatment needed. 

Mr Sherizowa brought his neko(cat) in next. Hige(whiskers) was the kitty's name. Hige had a terrible case of fleas, so the doctor and i gave the very grumbly kitty a bath and then helped him apply anti-flea treatment to it

I wasn’t sure how i was going to help the doctor with the next patient a very pregnant usi(cow). Mr Kuni (the doctor) told me to prepare things to go out to the farm where this usi was. i gathered the items he instructed me to and we went to Mr Yoshida's farm. Mr Kuni worked with Mr Yoshida and they delivered the baby fuku-ra hagi(calf) i assisted by providing them with the items they needed as they worked.

While we were there Mr Yoshida also asked Mr Kuni to give his buta(pig) and uma(horse) a check up, so as not to ask him out for another house call. When finished we went back to the hospital and treated a few more animals. I went home tired and with a new perspective on animals and the care of them



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