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  •  Can geisha  manners and etiquette be acquired by any apprentice. ?
    An apprentice geisha  can acquire the manners and etiquette of high society to a considerable extent. She can correct her habit of standing, of walking, and other outward forms. An apprentice manner, however, is innate. It's that elusive something which marks the refined woman and prevents her from wounding the feelings of others.
  •  Define the term 'manners.' Manners are the expression, the objective side, of manner, and may be held in possession by every one. Good manners are unconscious.
  •  What is 'manner?' Manner is the individual expression of character and applies to the individual alone.It's inherent in her being.
  •  Can manner be cultivated? Yes. It can be cultivated and made to take on new aspects of beauty. A woman's inborn manner may be developed into grace, precision, and beauty
  •  Should an apprentice  geisha's  deeper emotions be guarded?  An apprentice  geisha must have a delicate reserve with which she guards her deeper emotions.
  •  What's the highest tone in an apprentice geishas  manners?  The tone of natural elegance.
  •  What constitutes the best part of apprentice geisha's  manners and etiquette? The charming and unobtrusive air with which an apprentice geisha  does everything.
  •  What may be said of command in manners?There's a certain command in an apprentice  geisha's manner of speaking and acting which makes itself felt everywhere, and which gains, in advance, consideration and respect.
  •  When does perfect expression of character become possible for an apprentice  geisha?When her manner has been pruned of disturbing eccentricities, has taken on the aspect of culture, and her body has been brought into harmonious relations with her mind. There are undoubtedly beauties in an uncut gem, but they lie un-revealed until the enveloping shell and all the shadows that stand between its core of loveliness and theworld have been removed.
  • What are the two deadly sins against social happiness and well being.
    Thoughtlessness and selfishness
  •   An apprentice geisha should have the courage of her convictions and not be afraid to stand alone. Heated arguments and differing opinions aren't desirable in social interactions, although discourse and polite conversation are the expression of intellect and propriety. 


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